How Non Organic materials are Harmful?
LDPE and other Non Organic materials will remain in the environment for a long time, if these substances are toxic, they may pollute the soil and water, some Non Biodegradable pollutants may cause harm to the environment.

For example, Plastic (LPDE) shopping bags would take thousands of years to degraded.

How our products, includes in Biodegradable Materials?
The term Biodegradable is used to describe materials that decompose through the actions of Bacteria, Fungi, and other living organisms.

Biodegradable matter is generally organic material such as plant and animal matters and other substances originating from living organisms. As Envirolines products are made of Fallen Areca Nut Leafs it includes as a biodegradable material.

Does Envirolines Biodegradable by Products Aid in Plant Growth?
Biodegradable materials will aid in plant growth in many different ways. First, we predict they will help the soil retain water for the plants meaning that the plants would have to be watered less often. Second, there will be less runoff and wasted water because the materials will absorb and hold the water for the plant with this its proven that ENVERO Lines Biodegradable materials do aid in plant growth by having to water the plants less often.

The name 'Areca' was derived from a Malayan word meaning "Cluster of Nuts". India is the largest producer of areca nut and at the same time largest consumer also.

This tree belongs to palmae family. The Stem is erect, smooth green in the upper portion and a grayish brown in lower portion Leafs are expanding into a smooth sheet. Leafs lets are thin often confluent, with several mid ribs, attached to the rachies in a vertical line.

Fruits are oblong supported by a persistent perianth. The fruit has a fibrous mesocrop, and seeds are with a truncate base, endosperm deeply ruminate with a basilar embryo.

The Areca Leaf is naturally hard and water replant on the face side. Every leaf is different in size, color and natural grain lines.