About Products

Project One
We introduce "Earth to Earth" Biodegradables Products which are ideally suited for a variety of food serving applications as a dinner wear plate, bowls, cups, spoons, Packing materials, Greeting cards, Visiting cards, Ornamental decoratives etc.,

These Biodegradable plates are freezer and microwave safe, further extending their use options. This range of products is an eco-friendly alternative to Plastic food packages

Product Manufacturing

The Fallen Dry Leafs from the farms are collected and safely stocked.

The Stocked Leafs are hygienically Cleaned and Sterilized using water. Selected Leafs are Heat Pressed under 160 - 180 punch for 60 - 80 seconds depends upon size. Then the leaf retains the Pressed Punch Design.

The Plates are packed as per the customer specification given.

It's an simple efficient and economical way to use this product as a Envirofriendly product.

This Plate can be used for any occasions like Wedding Parties, Religions Festivals, Picnics, Indoor and Outdoor Caterings, Parties etc.,

Our machinery manufacturing unit is setup at Thudiallur,Coimbatore Our shop floor is equipped with complete set of machineries and inspection facilities to produce the product with high quality and reliability.

Our machine designs are proven to their reliability and their performance. They are user friendly , low maintenance and low operating cost. We also design and manufacture as per the customer requirement.

At present we are manufacturing 6 models which are capable to handle wide range of plate sizes with high rigidity and productivity in both manual and automatic versions.

We have Installed and Supplied Machines all over India, we are also offers layout and design services featuring the latest in AutoCAD supports to the customers, to develop the products. We help our customer to select products with the right features, durability and price. Special attention is given to each job to make sure every detail is correct and approved. Our attention to detail assures you a first-rate installation.